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This website serves two purposes: The first purpose is to show an owner of a web site the look and feel of how Statewide would appear on their website from a Statewide TAB placed in their home page header. All that you see within the yellow border around the map on the Home Page of this site is what you would have on your web site. All that you would see outside the yellow border would be changed to a mirror image of your own website. The second purpose is for all of America to join here for the purpose of communicating locally and for whatever lawful purpose of topic you may have. Perhaps a group of you in a town need to address your local county council; however identifying who you are in that town is difficult. You will find The People here. You may focus on your strategy and agreement here and then bring the political weight of your body politic to that county council meeting; "strength in numbers" sort of thought.

Statewide Communications is a fee-based service for commercial and social network sites. Membership is $25.00 a year. Unlimited Use Fee is $10.00 a month. You, the independant host for Statewide Communications receives a portion of these proceeds to support your work.

On the other hand,, utilizing StatewideCommunications, is available to any organization with web site whose function is the working towards the Restoration of our Republic without cost and relies solely upon free-will donations of its members to exist.

We, working together, CAN restore our Republic!

Perhaps just as important as the 2nd Amendment! . . . . .

October 30th, 2008

Making Connections That Count Through Statewide Communications

By: Jeff Sedgwick

Making connections with others of the same interest has never been so important as it is today: Networking. There are so very many forces coming at us, chiseling away at our liberties, our rights, which they are in danger of disappearing altogether. We the People must be able to reach each other quickly and informatively. Like Paul Revere, spreading the alarm electronically instead of by horseback.

  • For instance, there is the recent discovery of over 200,000 bogus voter registrations in Ohio, enough votes to swing the election of a President.
  • Courts are conducting trials and convicting people without so much as a criminal complaint or probable cause. If you know what to look for, you can find evidence of this in any courthouse in any county in the country. The one thing you will not find is a sworn affidavit and a verified criminal complaint.
  • Our newly appointed Attorney General boasts that he could "indict a ham sandwich," and why not? The Grand Jury doesn't know that it needs a criminal complaint to indict.

These situations and others like it need not continue. They can be stopped, stopped by ordinary people. No special courage, no law degree, no talent for public speaking are required.

What can and will change all of this is Statewide Communications is a communications database and is indexed according to your interest. E-mails can be sent locally, to several counties or even statewide; all having to do with your particular interest.

When you visit a web site of interest, you will be offered the opportunity to register with Statewide Communications. You will be asked for information that includes your name, address, phone number and email address. All of this information goes to putting you not only in a state but also into a county, and ultimately into an election district and a voting precinct. From there you can communicate with those who share that particular common interest with you.

You will remain anonymous until you no longer wish to be anonymous, if ever. None of the personal information contained in the database is ever revealed.

As an example: If you are a Home-Schooler, then you would register from that site of interest and would receive or send information consistent only with that interest. See: www.HomeSchoolCommunications.US.

You are not limited to just one interest, however. You may register with as many sites as you find that meet your interests.

Some of the sites that are available now include - patriot & constitutionally aligned Americans; - Sharing offensive Pro Se strategies with those willing to take the battle into the courtroom (presently 4000 members); - for homeowners with Home Owners Association issues; - calling for judicial - legislative - executive - commercial accountability. Registration through these and other organizations is free of charge and of course - dealing with the subjects of Abortion, Sodomy, Pornography and Secular Humanism in the public schools.

In addition, several commercial and non-profit organizations are using the Statewide Communications. These include:;;;; and Statewide Communications is a fee-based service for commercial application. Commercial Membership is $25.00 a year and $10.00 a month for unlimited use. Statewide Communications is designed to work on anyone's web site. These commercial and non-profit organizations do a lot to offset the cost of maintaining Statewide Communications servers.

Statewide Communications is solutions oriented. It is designed toward restoring the American Republic and constitutional governance. You no longer have to feel that you are alone, not knowing what to do or how to do what is wanted and needed. You can find those who are local to you, form groups to study the issues, seek remedies, and implement strategies. With the support of others who share your interest or passion, you can make the difference you always wanted to.

While corruption still runs rampant in the state courts, we are now seeing criminal complaints being filed against prosecutors, clerks, police, sheriffs and judges. Now, thanks to people like David Myrland and criminal complaints are being written and filed, whenever possible with the State Grand Jury, which can indict. No one, not even the President of the United States is immune to a criminal complaint.

Remember the raid on a Mormon compound in Texas this past spring? On the basis of an anonymous tip of abuse, the compound was raided without any probable cause. Police and Sheriff Deputies seized over a hundred children and none of them abused. The lack of probable cause resulted in a flurry of criminal complaints being filed against state and local government officials. Appeals Courts began ordering the release of the children seized. No doubt that there will now be civil actions that will stick, pleas of immunity will not hold against lawsuits for criminal activity. Thank you, Randy Kelton and

In another Texas case, a criminal complaint was filed against all of the judges sitting on the Court of Criminal Appeals; all nine of them. It took the Grand Jury three months to make up its mind not to indict, three months of hell for the judges, for a complaint filed with the Grand Jury could easily have resulted in an indictment against any one or all of them. Again, thank you Randy Kelton.

Home-Schoolers are also under fire for two primary reasons, money and better education. Local school systems receive large sums of money for each child in their system. School systems object to the loss of revenue caused by home-schooling. At the same time, home-schooled children are scoring better on achievement and entrance exams, but what may be the most threatening is that home-schooled children are being taught critical thinking. Home-schooled children are better able and equipped to slice through rhetoric and see what is the truth.

To date, individuals or small groups of three to five people scattered here and there all about this country have carried out most of these efforts. These people have been in the fight to bring our public servants back into compliance with the Federal and State Constitutions. These people have the knowledge and the skill to move in the directions they move and are willing to share their knowledge, skills and resources. Until now the problem has been how to do it and do it on a massive scale.

Statewide Communications is about expanding the numbers, being solutions oriented and making a difference. The founders of Statewide Communications aspire to expand the database beyond tens of thousands, beyond hundreds of thousands to the level of millions of registrants, with hundreds if not thousands of interest groups, all pointed toward restoring the American Republic and constitutional governance.

Subscribed Members, as stated above, have the ability to anonymously communicate with each other, not only by state but by county as well. In fact, by a number of counties that surrounds your county so you may network with each other; form law study groups; create media events; focus on a single issue with a politician whose vote affects your Substantive Rights; coordinate to influence what you will allow the media to bring into your living room, and so much more; whatever your imagination allows. Soon, you will be able to communicate to a city, a voting precinct, a state representative district, and a county court district; basically, every geographical and political combination you can imagine!

Envision, just for a moment, bringing to bear the full sovereign political weight of We the People. There is nothing more powerful in this secular realm we live.

John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress upon applying his signature to the declaration is reportedly to have said, "We must be unanimous. There must be no pulling different ways. We must all hang together.'' Benjamin Franklin is said to have retorted, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

I remind you of this historic quote primarily for one reason: Statewide Communications, the entirety of it with all its applications, not just its application with your web site, is the single tool that can network ALL OF US to effect the change we so desperately need.

We MUST put aside the natural possessive sense we all share with our particular effort as demonstrated by our individual web sites and UNITE to the common good, i.e. SAVE OUR NATION - RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC.

In closing, the very tool we need is found at www.StatewideCommunications.US.

ARA along with is the central communication hubs with which We the People WILL chart our future destiny; the former to the Patriot Community and the latter to the Christian Community.

Email Michael-Edward: for more information at ME@StatewideCommunications.US and visit the web site to learn more about "What can I do - How can I help"

Let's use it!