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MISSION STATEMENT: To enable and to empower the American Folk to network
amongst themselves at their local political level; at the local geographical
venue so the American People will have the kind of society they want;
so the American People will have the kind of government they want.

How This Works

communicating with one another

Two Immutable Irrefutable Facts

1} We have here in America, without question, without hesitation, the finest law system in the world. We have a Ferrari for a legal system. Between our Civil Rules of Procedure and our Rules of Evidence the Discovery process is the very heart of our ability to Discover the Truth in a Matter of Controversy. The Problem we have is that our judicial system, particularly, is host to unsavory men and women, some actually evil who perhaps formerly attempted to steal your lunch money on the school playground, now, today, have become members of the BAR to further their careers of self-enrichment; same outcome - different day - different venue. The Solution we have could be to utilize the judicial canons and the attorneys code of ethics in each state to tenderize them into good behavior. I think criminal prosecution would be the better remedy, though. Remember, judges only may hold office 'in times of good behavior'. I have heard too many horror stories regarding judges to think they are capable of good behavior as a whole. I say the solution is to populate our judiciary as well as the other branches of government with common clear thinking men and women who have a moral center that is primary to their lives. What you are about to learn in the following will enable that to happen.

2) "Peasants with Pitchforks". You've heard that expression before. Now, pay attention, please. Here is a Maxim of Law: Governments exist at the will of the People. That's right. Whether The People enjoy a benevolent Monarchy or suffer under a tyrannical, brutal dictatorship; that government exists because The People allow it. Period. When that final straw falls upon that camel's back; when The People have had enough - The People, throughout the millennium's, have risen up and overthrown their burden; always with a very bloody outcome, but an outcome The People will establish, regardless. Today it is, we are, "Americans with Pitchforks". Keeping in mind the first immutable fact stated above and in combination with Americans with Pitchforks; combining with what you are about to learn in the following, there is a viable, bloodless solution; return of the Rule of Law, which is supported by The People.

Generally Speaking;

The information you provide when you filled out your membership to Americans Restoring America or one of the Domains found inclusive to ARA are the fields used for you to blindly communicate with one another. I mean by the term 'blindly' that you do not have access to anyone's information given when they filled out their membership, but that you may send to the information provided by the member.

So, when a member states they live in Orlando, Florida and you send a message to those in Orlando, Florida - providing that member agreed to receive information regarding The Topic you sent the message under - they will receive the message. Therefore, it is unimportant if you purposely were inaccurate when providing your name and your street address, however it is of paramount importance that you were accurate when providing your city, county, state, ZIP [please, the zip is a point of reference to this software and in no way speaks to a federal zone for these purposes] and any other future requests for information that will be asked of you to provide when the future pin-pointing of your sovereign powers is required. Example: the ability for you to communicate with others by voting precinct is not yet established, but will become available. Having that ability, but not having your voting precinct polling place updated in your Members Area at ARA would make non-affect its purpose. Therefore, please be accurate with your member information. If you skirted this question when you became a member you may revisit the Members Area at any time and update and correct you member information. Should you move, please remember to update your member information.

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